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Why Choose Us?

Quality of Service

We are confident in the quality of our service and our goal always is to provide a quality service at a fair price. That is why we have :


  • Flat rates for service 

  • No hidden fees (bin charges, environmental charges, no fuel services charges)


Exceptional Customer Service

It is paramount to us that we provide quality and consistent service, when you call the office or email us, we place a strong emphasis on always being there on the first ring to answer any questions or solve any problem. We also think its important to keep service interruptions to a minimum so we only observe six major holidays

Giving Back to the Community

Robert Wright Disposal is proud to be locally operated family business since 1949. We provide employment for 15+ staff members from the local communities we serve. We strive to do business with local companies whenever possible along with providing and engaging in local charities, food pantries and supporting local school fundraisers. 


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